The Earth Observation Data for Ecosystem Monitoring (EODESM) was developed through the EU Horizon 2020 Ecopotential Project and has been designed to generate land cover and evidence-based change maps by simply combining environmental variables retrieved primarily from Earth Observation Data.   The classification is based on the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Land Cover Classification System (LCCS; Version 2) and requires that inputs are categorical or continuous with pre-defined codes or defined units (e.g.,  %, m, time).  As a result, the classifications can be performed at any scale and for any time as long as the input data are available. 

The follow pages provides a list of pan-European but also globally relevant datasets that can potentially be used as input to EODESM and are relevant to land, oceans or the atmosphere.  Environmental variables that are specific to the area of national parks or their surrounds can also be integrated.